How to Find Your iPhone WiFi Password

How to Find Your iPhone WiFi Password

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how to show password on iphone. After logging in once, most smart devices automatically connect to a WiFi network. Nowadays, it's easy to lose WiFi passwords. But there are workarounds for iPhones that don't show your WiFi network's password. Here are many ways to find your iPhone's WiFi password.

iPhone WiFi Password Lookup.

On an iPhone, tap the I next to your network to locate your WiFi password. Then tap and hold the router number, copy it, and paste it into your browser. Input your router's username and password and select Wireless.

Open the iPhone's Settings app. This is the iPhone app with a gear-shaped icon.
Then tap WiFi.
Then tap the I next to your WiFi network name. This button features a blue-surrounded letter I.
It only works for the WiFi network your iPhone is currently connected to.

Then tap and hold the Router numbers to select Copy. That way, you can paste it later in your web browser. You can also write it down.
Next, open your iPhone's web browser. Your iPhone's web browser can be Safari or Chrome.
Then enter your router's IP address in the search bar and press Go. In your browser's address bar, choose Paste and tap and hold the address bar.
If a page reads "This Connection Is Not Private," tap Advanced > Continue. Because your router is on your local network, Netgear says this warning is irrelevant.

Then tap Sign In and input your router's username and password. Your router's username and password are different from your WiFi password. The username and password for your router may be printed on the router or in the manual. If not, you can use this list to identify your router's default username and password.
Common router usernames are "admin," "user," or "blank." The most frequent router passwords are "admin" and "password."

Then select Wi-Fi.

This is normally in a menu on the left of your screen. Depending on your router, this button may have a different name. To find your WiFi password or passphrase, you may need to tap additional buttons on your wireless router.
Finally, behind the network name is your WiFi password.
Then you can remove your WiFi password and create a new one. If you don't save your changes, they won't tap effect.

If you can't utilize the previous technique, you can find your WiFi password on your iPhone using a Mac. These instructions can be completed without a WiFi network on your Mac. How?

Finding a WiFi Password on a Mac
Turn on Keychain in Settings > Apple ID > iCloud to find your WiFi password on your iPhone. Turn Keychain on in System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud. Finally, open Keychain Access, search for your WiFi network, and check Show Password.

Open the iPhone's Settings app.
Then tap Apple ID. This is the first choice above your name and profile icon.
Tap iCloud next.
Then tap Keychain and turn it on. If it's off, tap the radio button. If the button is green, the keychain is on.
On your Mac screen, click the Apple icon.
Choose System Preferences.
Click Apple ID next.
Then check the Keychain box. The keychain may be a ways down the page.
Then pick iCloud.
Ensure that your Mac is signed in with your Apple ID. Sign out if another Apple ID is signed in. And then your Apple ID and password.

Then open Finder. Click the half-blue, half-gray face icon in your dock. Right-click anywhere on your desktop and simultaneously hit Command + N on your keyboard.
Then applications This should be in the Finder's left sidebar. Right-click the Finder window and simultaneously hit Command + Shift + A.
Then open Utilities.
Then launch Keychain Access.
Then enter your WiFi network's name in the search box.
Double-click your WiFi network next. This brings up a new settings window.
Then check "Show password."
Enter your Keychain password next. This is the password you use to log onto your Mac.
Finally, next to Show Password is your WiFi password.

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